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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Giz is our newest baby. He is our little buddy. How can you not love a face like that?

I know you think he is cute and cuddly. Let me assure you: Gizmo is 1.6 pounds of killing machine. He is a fierce, vicious, killer who would rather chew your heart out than look at you. So, do yourself a favor: DO NOT TAUNT THE GIZ.

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Ole Dad said...

Being the suave, debonair, hunk of a Dad I am, I would like to take some credit for my son's knack of creating the web thing, and his fine art of blogging and BS. However I can't. I am the serious type. Not a BS bone in my body. Nope, I'll have to give his Mom's side credit for all the BS. I sometimes think he is a clone of his Mom's brother, uncle Richard. The only difference is, Joe isn't an alcholic. He does, however, get some of my traits. He is a good looking kid. He's smart, and the one I like is, he is a definite push over when it comes to his daughter. I fell for the same tricks with my daughter, Joe's sister. Unfortunately, we lost the little dog that came into my life via Joe's sister, but we have another one that dollars couldn't buy. I guess he got some of the most important traits from Ole Dad!