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Monday, March 9, 2009


3/8/09: I asked Jenna to come down and model for me. Of course, she brought her constant companion, Gizmo. She was just looking straight into the camera and smiling and I was taking pictures and playing around with lighting. I typically don’t like those kind of “posing for the camera shots”. So while I was monkeying around with some settings, she held up Giz to get his attention. I immediately saw the “pose” I was looking for and took the shot.
We were down stairs in poor lighting and I wasn’t using a tripod. Not a good combination. The result was that the focus wasn’t as sharp as I would have liked but I still LOVED the picture. My solution was to use my considerable talent in post processing (translation: I was pressing more buttons than a monkey on a moon mission). I gave it a black and white look with a little grain in it. To me, it’s an accidental masterpiece…well maybe “masterpiece” is a little over the top but these two are TOO CUTE.

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Ama said...

yes, they are ! :D
Very nice shot !